Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RIP Lil Bo + (two more Washington Monuments)

The monument to Lil Bo, in an alley behind the Chateau nightclub in Anacostia, is three years old. A neighbor passing by informed me that his friends gather on anniversaries of his death to drink and celebrate his memory. They maintain and carefully arrange the bottles in formation, and keep the vacant lot reasonably clean and free of trash. I made a rough estimate of more than 700 bottles in this shrine, mostly pretty pricey liquors.

The shape and the purpose of the site reminded me of circular neolithic stone tombs I visited in Ireland. Dromberg, Sligo, Loughcrew. An echo of Stonehenge...

Lil Bo's girlfriend was pregnant with his child at the time of his murder.

The other site was on Adams St NE. I know nothing else. Another sad mystery. An eyeless clown on a pole.

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