Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christmas Shrine to a young girl / Sherman Avenue NW

While volunteering on Christmas Day in DC, I documented this shrine to a young girl at the corner of Sherman Ave and Columbia Rd. NW. I was first alerted to its presence by Ms. Jeanie Porter.

Despite the merry trappings, it hardly conveyed tidings of comfort and joy.

It's a cruel world we inhabit, mixed with very real measures of righteousness and caring. Here's to peace.

Update: March 1, 2011
This shrine has been kept up. I have seen replacement mementos placed on this particular light-pole on and off over the years... a child is still in her loved one's hearts and memories.
This small remnant was photographed on 3/1/11, less than a block away from a shrine to Lucki Nancy Pannell, 18, who was shot in front of her residence at front of a residence in the 3000 block of Sherman Avenue NW, in February 2011.


The Teddy Bear Family said...

I agree it's a cruel world. I disagree about righteous though. Caring, I'm not so sure about. I live in Philly, another large city with too many murders. Seems to me the monuments with stuffed animals and empty booze bottles says it all -- "We'll miss you, but have no intension of changing anything."

How many of these victims were killed my multi-murders, or murderers allowed to keep roaming our streets, becauses "ratting" is considered a worse crime then murder...or rape, or mugging?

All those victims and no one saw anything? I doubt it!

RW said...

This particular monument tugs at my heart every time I drive past, often with my daughter in the car.

The little girl was strapped into her carseat, but that did not save her from the hit-and-run driver. The memorial reminds me that no matter what precautions you take, you can't keep your children safe from everything.

News coverage:


Anonymous said...

Lynn: I am not sure that it is all about thinking that "ratting" is a bad thing. Instead, in many of these cases, witnesses fear being murdered themselves. There are many cases of witnesses being murdered in DC. Unfortunately, many of these crimes involve members of gangs. Even if the initial person is arrested, other gang members often execute witnesses. So, imagine the fear of witnesses who likely live near the murderes.