Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Purple bear for Robert McFarlin. A strange and sad situation

Shrine to Robert L. McFarlin, 58, in the 1700 block of Trenton Place SE, Washington DC,at the corner of Trenton Place and Stanton Road.
Adapted from the Washington Post:
Officers from the 7th District went to the 1700 block of Trenton Place SE after Robert L. McFarlin Jr. called 911 about 1:15 p.m on September 14, 2009, and reported that he had killed his sister. McFarlin, who lived on that block, was found in the street holding several knives. He did not drop the weapons when warned by officers.

Two of the three officers then fired a total of three rounds, killing McFarlin. Police then found his sister, who was not harmed.

The shooting took place outside the Garden Village Apartments off Alabama Avenue SE. Children in uniforms walking home from school saw the police tape and cruisers, and asked neighbors what had happened.

The three officers were placed on administrative leave, which is standard department policy. The force investigation team will look into the shooting. DC police say it is their policy not to identify officers involved in shootings. There have been thirteen police-involved shootings this year, compared with nine at the same time last year. That includes fatal shootings, people who were wounded, and misses.

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