Friday, November 25, 2011

Yellow police tape | Silvestre Antonio Perez-Agustine

From The Washington Post: A man died early Monday morning, November 14, 2011, after being shot in the face in Northeast DC. Police said there was no one in the vicinity except the victim when they arrived to investigate a report of gunshots about 2:20 am. The shooting victim, Silvestre Antonio Perez-Agustine, 21, was taken to an area hospital and pronounced dead shortly before 3 am.

Investigators told News4 that the victim was found behind a Cadillac at the scene. All I could find that marked his passing was this tape remnant, left behind from the police cordon.

More details about the situation and testimony about Mr. Perez-Agustine's life is at HomicideWatch. He seems to have affected a number of people very positively by his character.

May he and his loved ones know peace.

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