Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sursum Corda Bottle Shrine

I found this huge bottle shrine to an unidentified victim on 1st Terrace NW, Washington DC, near K St., in the troubled Sursum Corda neighborhood. It was inaccessable to me, behind a tall barbed wire fence in an abandoned grocery store parking lot. I stood on a ladder to make the photographs.

A few strewn teddy bears and T-shirts, and hundreds and hundreds of of liquor bottles. It looked as if the shrine had been there a while. One of the rare instances of finding significant grafitti in conjunction with a shrine in the District. I could find no information on this murder- one of many that have sadly occured in Sursum Corda.


Unknown said...

I named this spot "Da Carter" Well he was like a lil brother to me, my righthand man, but most of all my bestfriend, so when I lost him I didnt know what to do but shed all the tears I could & it did nothin so almost a year had past by & I was still thinkin of something 2 do & I stumbled across some old spray paint & my hands & Carter Carter's spirit did the rest....

from bro Smacks,
In memory of Darnell Carter
a.k.a. D.Carter

buy kamagra said...

This collection of bottles is very particular becouse somo people collects it but no put it on the street so it will be a way to recycle.

xanax said...

My how times have changed.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww dis make me want 2 cry becuz dis juss means that mi brother still lives even afta dey knock duh build down
Love yew Nell