Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Carver Terrace again- Shrine for Brandon Gaines

From the Washington Post: Metro section page B2 5/6/08
"Brandon Gaines, 25. His body was found at 7:30 PM April 22, 2008 near his home in the 2000 block of Maryland Ave [NE]. He had been shot multiple times. Police said they were looking into whether his shooting is tied to an investigation into a ring in the Carver Terrace area. Gaines had previous brushes with the police, dating to his teens, including a drug conviction."

There are numerous shrines all within a block or two of this recent killing. Several people observed me making these photographs, including two middle-aged men standing no more than 15 feet away - but nobody ventured to ask questions or speak to me.

Tough neighborhood, to say the least.

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Unknown said...

I knew Brandon very well from my childhood. At one point we practically grew up together. Our mother's have been good friends for over 18 years. We considered ourselves to be cousins. Due to life's circumstances, we haven't seen nor spoken to eachother in 8 years. Regardless of the elapsed time, I will definitely miss him; my prayers go out to his family. I love you all. Ms. J, know that God has a master plan for all of this.