Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shrine for Nadar Mobley / Blaine Road NE

This memorial was created for Nadar Mobley, who was twenty at the time of his death. It is in the 5400 block of Blaine Road NE, Washington DC.

He was killed about 3:45 PM on January 13, 2010, in a drive-by shooting while working on his car. According to his mother (shown with a photo of Mr. Mobley and his child) he leaves behind one son. He was also a fraternal twin.

His mother, a Muslim woman, was trying to raise sufficient funds for a proper funeral for her murdered child. She informed me that the city contributes some funds to families of homicide victims to help defray the costs of burial, but needed additional resources still. His sister, who was quite filled with emotion when I spoke with her, is pictured adding plush toys to the memorial. She and I spoke for a while at the site. Her voice was very soft and kind.

According to his mother, her son's friends drank one sip from each bottle of liquor at the vigil honoring his life, then poured the rest out in respect for their fallen homey.

I wish all due respect myself, and healing for the family.

Salaam aleikum.

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