Friday, December 11, 2009

In memory of "Mama"- Rufina Hernandez

This shrine to is to Rufina Hernadez. It is constructed in a small closed storefront at 5421 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington DC.

About 9:00 PM on Saturday November 7, 2009. Rufina Hernadez. 51, of Hyattsville, MD, died of multiple gunshot wounds to her face and neck. She was the owner of La Casa Morita, a mom & pop liquor store.

Well loved for her gentleness, her nickname to all was "Mama." He loss was a deep shock to this busy and vibrant neighborhood.

According to witnesses, two men appear to have been involved in the robbery. They fled on foot after killing Mrs. Hernandez, taking a small amount of cash. Andre Lopez, 45, of no fixed address, was arrested for the murder on November 19th.

"The tears of God will show you the way" - Los Lobos


Anonymous said...

I wanna extend a special thank you to MPD for catching the scumbags who did this. We will forever miss you Mama Rufina. Even though you've been gone over two years now. We still miss you.

Anonymous said...

I use to buy cigarettes from this lady and she was very sweet, always asked me why I smoked and that it was so bad and I was so young. I was only eighteen at the time, I believe her son and daughter worked with her, I'm late but I had to pay my respect for someone who cared about my health and well being. R.I.P and god bless your soul.

Anonymous said...

It’s 2022 and you and your husband crossed my mind. Been 13 years almost and you still touch and in the heart and minds of those who loved you dearly. I remember coming into the store calling pops ur husband wassup pops then he would repeat me and say I’m chillin chillin . Those was the days I remember after your husband passed you told me you be scared at the store since your husband passed and I told you he with you in spirit and wouldn’t want you to come this far to throw everything away. Now in hindsight I think maybe I should have told you to go with your gut feeling. So sorry this happened to you u was a very good person and let many go if they was short on the change . You had a heart that cared about the community and even though you didn’t want to open back up you did. You will be missed truly as you see it’s 13 years almost and you and your husband came across my mind . May you Rest In Peace with Pops you will never be forgotten.