Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shrine to unidentified victim-1st & O St NW

I encountered this shrine at the corner of 1st St. and O St. NW, Washington DC

I met a rather haggard homeless man, Franklin, at the shrine. He told me it was about a week old (and it appears to be so) and that it was made in memory of a child who was killed. It appears otherwise from the writing on the tee shirt ("Hood 4 Eva" etc), but there are no liquor bottles at the site, so it is possible. The shrine backs up to a fenced public schoolyard.

I could find essentially nothing online, except that a killing occured there recently, in late July 2008- I think July 24? No name of the victim is evident at the site or on the web yet.

It is the fourth shrine I have photographed along this extended and busy stretch of 1st St. NW in the past five+ years.

A prayer, and a photographic libation to you, whoever you are.

You were somebody's child...

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