Friday, October 28, 2022

Curtis Mozie aka CWebb - Tale of the Tape | Shrines at the Safe House.

Curtis Mozie is a street videographer in DC who has long documented the impact of violence, particularly homicides, in our community. He has been creating video memorials for the many friends and neighbors he has lost since the early 1980's and is still at it. His modest home is a safe house for youth, and he has worked doing outreach programs for violence reduction. He maintains a moving collection of shrines in his home to those he's known and lost.

His work has been noticed, praised, and supported by the rapper Nas and the NBA star Curtis Webber.

Curtis's books and videos (click here for a powerful example) tell the true tale of life in the streets of DC; honest, raw, unvarnished, filled with his great heart for all that have suffered under teh plague of violence. I urge you to watch this piece; it is one of hundreds he has created.

I am honored to count him as a friend and colleague in the labor of peace. Thank you and godspeed,  Curtis.

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