Thursday, July 23, 2009

In blessed memory of Anthony Reginald Ford Jr. (Yukon)

These shrine elements are for Anthony Reginald Ford Jr, nicknamed "Yukon" since childhood, who was killed in front of 75 58th St SE, Washington DC at about 1 AM, July 7th, 2009.

Police responded to reports of gunshots and found Anthony Reginald Ford Jr, 26, suffering from multiple gunshots. He had been watching fireworks with friends from the neighborhood, according to his uncle David Ford, whom he lived with. The uncle heard several quick blasts that did not sound like fireworks, and rushed to the window. Frightened neighbors yelled that his nephew had been shot, and that the killer had run off. David Ford began performing CPR. He observed that his nephew was alive when the EMS & police came. He was transferred to Prince Georges Hospital, some distance away, and pronounced dead. The security camera in the neighborhood, installed to deter crime and collect evidence, did not function the night of the murder.

His mother, Ms. Ella Carey, emailed me an invitation to photograph the memorial, which has since been removed out of respect for the property owners where David fell. We later spoke at length by phone. She related words to me that reflected her sorrowful feelings and experience:

She spoke of how when Jesus was being crucified on the cross, an equal, if not greater, agony was borne by his mother Mary, and his beloved friends and followers, who were made helpless and bereft by his pain, and their own loss.

This really struck me. Though I am of a different faith (Jewish) I have a profound respect for sincere Christian traditions and teachings.

Ms. Carey's words resonated with my understanding of the impact violence makes beyond the initial victim, and the terrible earthquakes it sets off. Her son leaves behind a six-year-old son of his own, who now needs to be guided into manhood by others in his family - his granduncle and others, along with the women in the family. From all accounts, young Mr. Anthony Ford was a decent man, minded his own business, was a positive person, an attentive and responsible parent, and gave no trouble to anyone.

Anthony Ford Jr. had his funeral on July 18, 2009. Three hundred plus mourners were in attendance at the family's church.

David Ford says there is now a hole, a silence in his house, in his life.

His mother wrote "I am crying for some help as well as justice.
... A mother that's hurting because of the lost of her innocent son. (YUKON LIVED FOR SOMETHING AND DIED FOR NOTHING)."

UPDATE: Mr Ford's shrine was renewed by his family and friends on the occasion of his birthday.


Anonymous said...

nephew was alive!!!! when he got to know that one??
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Tempestt Gillis said...

Just want to let everyone know his memory and spirits is living through his son Tekyh and to the killers you cause alot of pain in numerous people lives i have to look at my son every day and think about him living and growing without his dad.we love you

chanika ford said...

i just wanted to say Anthony i'm going to miss u and u will always be in my heart.I LOVE U SO MUCH...every day,second and min. of the day your on my mind.i don't know who or why somebody did this to you/ was a great man a man i want my kidz to b someday... well continue to watch over us until we meet again I LOVE and MISS U

yukon said...


I kiss ur picture 26 times every morning when I get up since you been gone. We just celebrated Anthony's 27th B-Day on the 14th at the site where he was shot. We prayed a little, cried a little, sang songs, songs like: See u at the crossroads, I'll be missing u, Flop ur pretty wings, & Happy B-day 2 U (Stevie Wonder) version. We had a very nice time. His Uncle David had a beautiful cross made, I had a t-shirt made and I put it on the cross. His son Tekyh was there, both his sisters Kandie & Chanika, their kids, his brother Akeem, my mother, his favorite cousins Shevette, Jeremiah Denijah, & Jahlil. We set ballons up in the air a big #2 & #7. It was lovely, all of his friends were there, Tim, Big Bro., Lil Willie, etc. Every move I make, every step I take, what a life 2 take what a bond 2 break, I'll be missing u.

Always in My Heart

yukon said...

Ella said...
That last message that was posted was from his mother, not YUKON.

Akeem said...

Anthony I know you in heaven smiling down. I miss u so much, I always looked up 2 u, admire the way you handled yourself, ur swagger was like no other, u had a style all of ur own. Big Bro the chain has been broken, but I know I'll see your face. (Happy 27th

Luv Ya!
Lil' Bro (Akeem)

TEKYH said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! I Love You, and I miss u so much. I look at ur picture every morning and tell u that I'm going 2 be good and get the highiest color in my class today which is (GREEN).

Love Always
Your Shorty(TEKYH)

AMIYAH said...

HAPPY B-DAY Uncle Anthony I enjoyed myself singing songs & setting ballons up in the air with Grandma on ur B-Day. I Love u & miss u so, so, much.

Your Niece

MomDukes (ELLA) said...

Christmas morning I was not myself, it felt like something real big was missing, it was my son "YUKON". I miss him so, so, much. I keep seeing his face just smiling at me. Every time I look at his son I just say to GOD (Thank You Lord for blessing my son with a son who look, walk, talk, and act like him. My son (Anthony) is all in his son (Tekyh), thats what keep me going half the time looking at Tekyh. Tekyh's Christmas was great just like his father would have wanted it to be. I know he is in heaven looking down on all his loved ones. "MERRY CHRISTMAS ANTHONY"

I Love You
MomDukes (ELLA)

Tempestt Gillis said...

Anthony your gone but never will be forgotten. Your son birthday was not tha same without you, but as you know me and your mom made it happen.And to let you know your son wish was that you were right there with him it hurt my heart badly but i let him know you were there and you always will be your blessing him more than ever up above love you baby now and forever.....Pretty Wings

Tempestt Gillis said...

Anthony your gone but never will be forgotten. Your son birthday was not tha same without you, but as you know me and your mom made it happen.And to let you know your son wish was that you were right there with him it hurt my heart badly but i let him know you were there and you always will be your blessing him more than ever up above love you baby now and forever.....Pretty Wings

Ella (MOM-DUKES) said...

It's been 8 months since those cowards toke my son's life. I'm still in my moments, missing him, his smiling face, him coming through my house getting some water or yogart, calling me mom-dukes, asking me when was the last time I talked to my grandson (his son) or when was the last time I seen him. Anthony knew that I called Tekyh on the regular but to hold a conversation while he was there it had to be about Tekyh. One thing I will always remember, my son called the same night he was murdered aroung 8:30pm or 9:00pm we talked he said Ma!! I'm not going to hold you up because have to get up early for work, but Ma pray for me alright and I told him Anthony I'm always praying for you and the other 2. On my right upper arm I have a tatoo it's pray hands with my kids initial (AAA) on each end are angel wings I've had it for over 15 years and I call it my PRAYING WITHOUT CEASING for my children (Alethia, Anthony, & Akeem). I just ask that you pray for me because I am still going through something from my angel's murder. What a life to take, what a bond to break, he will always be in my heart. YUKON LIVED FOR SOMETHING AND DIED FOR NOTHING. Peace Out!!!

Ella Carey said...

I really what to thank Mr. Lloyd Wolf for his dedicated, committed, and concerns he have for the families that grieve over loved ones. Going out taking pictures of shrines that family members and friends leave for loved is amazing, having this web site for our loved ones let me know that he has a very good heart, the bible say what you bind on earth you will bind in heaven. Mr. Lloyd the LORD have something real good stored in heaven just for you. I love you work and I love to see that you take time out to do what you do for families around the DC area. I LUV U

Anonymous said...

my hommie you already know!you are never forgotten out here just keep watchin ova us out here we'll see u someday.

Lloyd said...

Dear Ms. Carey,

Thank you again for your kind and generous words.

I wish you and your family peace, blessings, and healing.


Mom Dukes said...

Oh well! here we go, I'm missing my son more and more each day. Looking at his son is keeping so many memories. His son acts like him, talk like him, walk like him just reminds me of him so much it's almost as if Anthony (YUKON) is still here. GOD made no mistakes, my brother (BUS) once told me when Anthony was killed, he said you know that's why Tekyh was always so close to you GOD knew he was going to call Anthony home at an early age and Tekyh was going to need you in his life. My brother never told me a lie when it came to situations like this. I miss my son and GOD will punish the cowards that killed my loving son.

Aunt Jacquie said...

Blake, I love u, miss u and life is not the same without u. We will see each other again!

Ella (Mom Duke) said...

As some may have noticed it's been 2 years since those cowards took my son away from me and his Lil' Man (Tekyh)such a senceless killing. On July 7, 2011 we went to the grave site everyone was there, yes Tekyh too, it would not be right without him. His friends John Boy, Lil' Lee, Tim, Andrew(Big Bro), Jr., and Ain with Lil' Ain it was over 15 cars @ the grave site it was loaded with people. It just warmed my heart to see how everyone came out. The music was playing, Bone Thugs & Harmony (Cross roads), Maxwell (Pretty Wings), P-Diddy & Faith Evans (Missing U) I had the cam-recording my documentary. It was a loving & touching moment. I would like to especially thank Mr. Wolf for everything once again a person that don't know these falling soldiers or their families reaches out to them with love, compassion, and consideration. Your rewards are being stored up in heaven GOD is very pleased of what you do, believe me you will be hearing the words coming from Our Savior & Lord Jesus Christ "Well done my good and faithful servant. I Love & Respect what you do, keep up the good work.

Love & Peace
Ella (Mom Duke)

Ella (Mom Dukes) said...

Another year has gone by and my little man or as his Aunt Linda called him Man-Man birthday is coming up, yes December 14, 1982 he would have been 29 yrs. old. I miss him soooo much. I still go to his grave site every 7th of the month to visit my baby yes, I went on Wednesday which was the 7th it was raining but I did not care, just being there put my mind at ease a little. I still get up every morning to kiss his picture and before I go to sleep I kiss it as well. Im still in prayer that those cowards who took my baby's life will be caught real soon. I know it's on GOD's time, but prayer changes everything, I have faith the size of a mustard seed, and GOD knows my heart. He know how much my son meant to and how much he meant to his Lil Man Tekyh. He is always talking about his father, rememebering everything they use to do together. His son reminds me of him so, so much. It's like he is Anthony all over again. The way he walk, talk, and the things he like. I will be going to his grave site on December 14, with my ballons and flowers singing Happy 29th Birthday (Stevie Wonder) version. I love and miss my son. GOD WILL PREVIEL!!!! PS. Mr. Wolf thanks again for this web site. May GOD keep a hedge of protection over you and enjoy the holidays!!! Nothing but LOVE 4-YA!

Ella/Mom Dukes said...

Today is December 14, 2011, yes my babies 29th birthday. I visited the grave site today along with Shevette, Chanika, & Jackie. We put flowers and ballons down, it was said, but yet beautiful. I miss my little man, I know he is in heaven smiling down on me. I kissed his picture 29 times this morning and will be kissing it 29 times before I pray ang go to sleep. I just hope you are praying with me, hoping that the cowards that took my innocent son's life will be captured soon, and I mean very soon. Rest In Peace my love. (ELLA =AKA= MOM DUKES). Mr. Lloyd thanks again for your concerns. Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Tekyh said...

Happy 29th Birthday Daddy!!

I miss you and I wish you were here with me. Im doing good in school, grandma keep me up on my toes and in line. I always think about the good times we shared together and the happy times. Since you been gone I can't find another man to fill your spot in my heart. I love you and keep on looking down at me from heaven.

Your Little Man

Amiyah said...

Happy 29th Birthday Uncle Anthony!!

I miss you making me cry and making my mommy smile. I wish you were here with us, but I know you are in good hands up there with GOD.
Peace N Love!!

Kandie said...

Happy 29th Birthday Little Big Brother!!!

You may be gone from the flesh but you live 4ever in my heart.

Rest N Peace
Love, your Big Sister Kandie

Akeem said...

Happy 29th Birthday Big Brother!!!

Not having you here have been very hard for me, but Im doing the right thing staying out of trouble and going to school everyday. Im going to make you very proud of me.

Rest N Peace
Your Lil' Bro

Stepfather - Butch said...

Happy 29th Birthday Step-Son

I miss you and I wish you were here, everybody misses you, don't nobody misses you as much as your mother and son. Keep on looking down on us.

Rest N Peace
Robert =AKA= Butch