Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ebony and Delores DeWitt; mother and daughter

This shrine to Ebony and Delores DeWitt, slain mother and daughter, is in the front yard of 9704 Cedarhollow Lane Largo MD, a quiet, well-kept suburban neighborhood. Their charred bodies were discovered in the remains of a burning car reported stolen from a nearby home.

The DeWitt's are the second grown mother-daughter pair to be murdered in this neighborhoood recently.
In January, Karen and Karissa Lofton were found shot in their home about half a mile away. According to the PG Gazette, this has "prompted police to assign more than two dozen investigators to those cases.

Connected or not, detectives say each set of killings is baffling in its own right. The absence of an obvious suspect or motive - an angry ex-boyfriend, a drug deal gone bad -- has made the slayings more unsettling for residents than any in years in Prince George's."

I was given permission by the family to photograph the shrine. They looked deeply mournful. I pray they get some answers, and some peace.



Court said...

May your souls Rest in Peace
Mommy an Ebony
i love you both soo much an i miss you soo much.
but until we meet again
Watch over me an save me a spot
Give daddy a kiss for me
Love you all

Anonymous said...

i really don't think this was a serial killer. i really think it may have been someone that knew the both of them. since they're both nurses it may have been a paitient. tell them to check log books and see if a paitient was seen by the both of them and to goquestion tem. something is telling me that the killer didn't go far but being in the marine corps, i've learned that people can be very observant if you show a pattern of when you leave your house. they probably didn't have good terrorism awarness and someone saw their daily doings. they broke into the house and made sure to leave no sign of evidence. so this incident may have been planned over time. and the killer is "most likely" someone that the BOTH of them know. question co workers again.... question some of the paitients they had. maybe back in january a paitient heard something they didn't want to hear or found the lofton's as an esy target in january, and later went to see the dewitts for an appointment nd heard something they didn't want to hear. tell the crime solvers to stop over thinking and stop overlooking. iguarantee the criminals who are scared to own up to this are STILL in the area!