Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thirteen year old victim, Alonzo Robinson- Trinidad neighborhood

Shrine to Alonzo Roberston,13 years old, in the 1500 block of Holbrook St NE Washington DC, another victim of the terrible upsurge in violence in the Trinidad section of the city. Young Alonzo was killed 7/19/08. Three others were wounded at this location according to police, including his mother, Marcella Robinson, who was shot in the arm & hospitalized. She & her son had come from Alabama to visit family. No motive or suspect is known. There is a significant reward posted by the police on his shrine.

In an effort to shut down the epidemic of violence, Police Chief Lanier ordered a blockade to be set up in the area. She had patrol cars posted at every corner, checking every person who came in and out of the area as to their reasons for entry. I briefly spoke with an officer about my project, and was politely directed around the security cordon to Alonzo Robinson's shrine. There were a number of passersby and loiterers about, but unlike other experiences I have had in the city, nobody spoke to me. Trinidad, also known as Ivy City, is bloody ground.

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inked said...

Trinidad is not know as Ivy City. Ivy City is north of Mt. Olivet Road. Trinidad is South of Mt. Olivet Road.