Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shrine to Bernard Holmes

Shrine for Bernard "Bert" Holmes, 35, killed in a liquor store parking lot in the 3500 block of Wheeler Rd SE, Washington DC, of a gunshot wound to the body at 4:22 PM. He died in a nearby hospital at 5:09 PM. He lived in the 700 block of Congress St SE.

While photographing, a childhood friend of his spoke wih me, and related that Mr. Holmes left behind a wife and two sons, about four & thirteen years old. There was to be a candlelight vigil on 11/8/08, and his funeral was held on Monday 11/10/08.

The family is very distraught. His friend told me nothing anyone could do would ever justify killng someone. Amen.

I returned after the funeral and photographed new objects that had been left in homage, flowers and cigarette packs mainly, that had been placed at the gathering over the weekend.

There is currently another shrine standing within sight distance of Mr. Homes shrine.

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